This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

Virtualised solutions


Helyx has developed a number of virtualised solutions and have installed them to both static and deployed environments. We have fully integrated and accredited the solutions so they can operate within existing secure infrastructures and networks, providing considerable benefits in terms of human resources, financial costs and performance (thanks to improved availability and reliability). Our designs were informed by a detailed understanding of the underlying Esri ArcGIS and VMware software combined with our knowledge of the Defence infrastructure and the processes required to implement and integrate solutions.

There is a growing industry move to the use of virtualised solutions to provide GIS services and data which can be integrated into an existing virtualised infrastructure and architecture. Recent examples include:

• The design and delivery of a GIS virtual machine (VM) solution onto a pre-built deployable network which was already using virtualisation.

• The design and delivery of a set of four virtual hosts running a GIS virtualised solution which was then integrated into existing static infrastructure at three MOD sites.

In order to implement a solution to provide storage and the provision of GEOINT to network devices on both static and mobile virtual infrastructures, we designed and built a set of pre-configured VMs using  the VMware vSphere Operating system as the virtualisation layer and Microsoft Operating systems for both Server and Desktop Client machines.

In addition to the known benefits of virtualisation such as cost savings in hardware, power savings and management time, a virtualised solution can be utilised to provide flexible “on demand” resources during periods of high load and then those resources can be released during periods of low demand. Virtualisation also provides the benefits of high availability and reliability provided by VMware features such as vMotion, high availability and distributed resource scheduling to ensure peak performance is maintained at all times.