This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

Design and development of web based templates


Based in Redlands, California, Esri Inc is a software development company that is responsible for the development of ArcGIS, the world’s market-leading GIS software. Esri’s Defence Product Engineers are responsible for feeding Defence user requirements into the ArcGIS software development process. They also develop templates that demonstrate how ArcGIS can be employed to support key Defence processes and workflows. These templates are published as free downloads from Esri’s Resource Center.

Esri have engaged Helyx since 2010 to provide Subject Matter Expert input and technical support to this template production process building on tasks conducted under the Common Geospatial Tool set Programme. The engagement followed discussions at the Esri Inc User Conference in San Diego where it was recognised that Helyx, with our specialist personnel who offer a unique combination of military experience and technical skills could add significant value to Esri’s work.

Initially, Helyx conducted forward-looking research to determine which aspects we could best add value. We looked, for example, at social networking and human terrain applications. As the relationship between Helyx and Esri has developed the nature of our engagement has shifted to direct involvement in the development and production of templates. Recent examples of projects driven by Helyx have included the Patrol Data Capture Template and the Military Aspects of Weather Template.

Ongoing work by Helyx has been focused on sustainment and has recently been incorporating new Operations Dashboard configurations. The climate map (shown opposite) is an example of one of our templates that contains a more strategic model approach that shows long term weather patterns and conditions. Here, a climate overview of Afghanistan is displayed including seasonal winds and seasonal rainfall patterns.