This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

The Helyx Geo Server

Industry-leading technology


Helyx Geospatial Servers are a range of turnkey solutions designed with our proven expertise in system engineering, GIS and information exploitation that enable the seamless and rapid integration of advanced Geospatial Intelligence apabilities into existing infrastructures.

Designed to meet many business needs, from the simple provision of mapping services to support of product development, situational awareness and understanding, to more demanding and complex server-based geo-processing functionality, there is a model suitable for a broad variety of needs.

Our server solutions combine VMware, Microsoft and Esri technologies to deliver a robust and reliable platform using techniques that have been proven in use with a range of military and commercial organisations worldwide. The platforms are capable of providing mapping and feature services in a range of formats including Esri, OGC WMS and WFS in addition to KML/KMZ to support client applications such as Esri ArcGIS, FalconView, NATO’s Integrated Command & Control (ICC), JADOCS, Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer. Helyx Geospatial Servers can be configured to allow the direct management of data and services through Esri ArcGIS Desktop.

There are four models of server in the range, each offering different levels of geospatial capability. As standard our server solutions are provided as rack-mountable servers ready to be integrated into an existing rack infrastructure:

  • The Basic Model is capable of providing straightforward mapping services to support business planning, Research and Development environments, and improve situational awareness.
  • The Standard Model adds multi-user editing capabilities backed by the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server platform.
  • The Advanced Model adds advanced geo-processing capabilities to the Standard Model, unlocking powerful features such as network analysis (eg utility path flow analysis) or spatial analysis tools for unearthing more complex geographic relationships.
  • Finally, the briefcase-sized Portable Model is fully loaded and based on an ultra rugged full magnesium alloy case that provides quick deployment and can be easily transported into emergency, disaster and temporary field or deployed environments. This self-contained portable server solution is based on the successful Getac X500 platform designed to be brought to the front line and turned on with the same simplicity as a standard notebook.

Optional support packages for ensured availability

All our servers can be supplied with support services. These include maintenance support for a 12 month period to ensure you are able to make the greatest possible benefit from your investment.

Existing clients can download the support request form (link below) which should be returned to

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