This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.



Support throughout the defence capability lifecycle

We have a proven track record of delivery across a range of capability and technology areas within the defence community. Working independently or in support of another organisation, our experience of working in dynamic and demanding environments, combined with our specialist domain and technical expertise allows us to provide world-class support.  We offer a range of services for The Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation, specifically aimed at supporting desk officers in the successful delivery of projects. Our services include:

  • Vision and strategy development
  • Capability gap analysis
  • Concepts documents including concept of operations
  • Systems engineering
  • MODAF (Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework)
  • Prototype development
  • Support on business case development
  • Technology assessment
  • Project management

Geospatial information exploitation in defence

The vast majority of data now handled within the defence community is location-based. Helyx recognises this with a unique focus on delivering world-class geospatial information (GI) solutions. Our solutions are designed to extract the maximum value from this data, delivering capability that turns disparate information into actionable intelligence. Our services in this area include:

  • Derivation of GIS requirements and integration of GIS within business processes
  • Identification and derivation of GI-related applications
  • Development of concept demonstrators
  • Product design
  • Application customisation
  • Technical support

Defence research

We have amassed considerable experience with our primary clients over the years and have not only a deep understanding of their business processes, drivers and constraints, but also where the future will be taking them. All of this knowledge helps to inform and direct our research activities. In parallel we maintain a wide overview of technology. Our analytical team is composed of staff highly experienced in MOD research, (including many with PhDs and higher degrees), and to bring balance and a wider perspective from outside defence, we recruit the best in the field from the financial sector, local government and technology houses. In addition, we have a long track record of bringing former end users into our team to focus the relevance of our outputs.

Our research activities are broad and varied and include:

  • Information Management (IM)
  • Information Exploitation (IX)
  • Shared Situational Awareness (SSA)
  • Decision and mission support capabilities
  • Strategy and policy support, for IM/IX activities.
  • We are experienced in the use of concept demonstrators and have produced demonstrators both in-house and in partnership with industry.


National Security

Helyx’s long experience in the demanding defence environment makes it ideally positioned to support clients in the National Security domain.


Public Safety

Drawing on years of experience within defence and other government agencies, our security-cleared consultants deliver strategic consultancy,


Other Market Sectors

Defence, Security and Public Safety are our core markets, but we add significant benefit to many other industries and sectors.