This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.

This archive will close in September 2017. The material will be available on our new website at that time.


Other market sectors

Defence, security and public safety are our core markets, but we add significant benefit to many other industries and sectors.

We enable the management of data allowing captured internal business information to be combined with multiple layers of public data to show new patterns and trends and thus support decision making. Helyx utilises its capabilities and knowledge, drawing on years of experience within the more extreme market places to benefit civil and commercial market sectors.

Customers and partners across many diverse sectors work with us because we are able to translate best practice, lessons learned and the latest tools and techniques into working pragmatic solutions.

Where appropriate this migration of the ‘state-of-the-art’ can add significant benefits such as:

  • Asset and resource management. GIS is fast becoming essential to understanding what is happening, and what will happen, in the geographic space.
  • Sharing information. Enabling collaborative thinking and generate new ideas.
  • Improving efficiency. Reducing risk by maintaining the location of all assets in a centralised database.
  • Improving business. Via added organisational agility.
  • Gain competitive advantage. Harnessing and analysing multiple layers of data and incorporating geographic business intelligence into strategy.
  • Shared awareness. Enabling the sharing of appropriate information across an organisation.
  • Improving field operations. Via mobile applications such as data collection for maintenance operations and streamline business workflows.
  • Improving communication. GIS-based maps and visualisations greatly assist in understanding situations.
  • Improving record keeping. Many organisations have a primary responsibility of maintaining authoritative records about the status and change of geography. GIS provides a strong framework for managing these types of records with full transaction support and reporting tools.




We have a proven track record of delivery across a range of capability and technology areas within the defence community.


National Security

Helyx’s long experience in the demanding defence environment makes it ideally positioned to support clients in the National Security domain.


Public Safety

Drawing on years of experience within defence and other government agencies, our security-cleared consultants deliver strategic consultancy