Helyx attends GISIG 2017

Helyx attended the GISIG 2017 event on 27th Nov. This yearly gathering brings together Geo enthusiasts from across MOD and industry to share their experiences and knowledge of both the challenges being faced and the emerging tools and techniques which could help alleviate them.

This year Helyx were presenting as well as being part of the industry expo during the breaks. ​The theme of the day was ‘Automation in Geospatial Intelligence – Creating efficiencies within data exploitation’, and whilst most of the presenters focused on the potential of their own kit/software, the Helyx presentation by Dr Phil Gosset, highlighted the potential of what MOD already owns. He spoke of Helyx’s enlightening work undertaken as part of Joint venture 17, where several potential flaws in current ways of working were identified, and which could be alleviated if existing tools were fully exploited.

Phil also talked about the future and the age of Information Quanta, though this will take a big step change in the way that information is captured at source. On the exhibition stand a variety of tools and techniques were on display including the rapid exploitation of UAV derived data and our work on data discovery and synchronisation across disadvantaged networks.


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