Army Cycling Road Race Championship

Wednesday 20th September 2017 saw the Inter Service Road Race Championship held near the town of Hatherleigh, Devon. The 2017 race was hosted by the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Cycling Association (RN&RMCA) using a British Cycling open road race circuit in the local vicinity of Hatherleigh. Expectations from Army Cycling were very high as the teams selected to represent the Army were the strongest seen for many years.

The course itself was very undulating with long draggy climbs with each lap being about 7.5miles (11.5km) in length and about 150m of climb. Prior to the start of racing, and for the first lap (or part of before they were dropped), Howard Wilding and Ben D had the privilege of experiencing a lap of the course to get a feel for what the teams were up against and enjoyed some early morning sun and little wind.

For both the Men and Women it was a brilliant day for the Army Road Race teams. Winners of both the team prizes, but also both of the individual championships. A significant feat and demonstrating the depth and strength of both teams.  We are proud sponsors of the Army Cycling Team


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