Article Published In The Latest Hydrographic Society Magazine

The Hydrographic Society UK is an independent, non-profit making, non-governmental, learned professional society.  The Hydrographic Society UK encompasses a wide range of specialisms and activities. Our Individual and Corporate Members operate in many sectors including surveying for nautical

charting, offshore resources, construction, engineering, renewable energy, environmental monitoring, oceanography, geology and the manufacture and supply of related products.

The Summer 2014 edition of the Hydrographic Society Magazine features an article about some of the work that Helyx has performed on the topic of 3D Visualisation in the Maritime Environment. Using 3D visualisation in the maritime environment has the potential to drive efficiencies and operational benefits including improved situation awareness, an ability to visualise key navigation aids and an ability to analyse and visualise the temporal impact of the tide. Research and development by Helyx has enabled the creation of a 3D model of the littoral zone.

The article itself can be downloaded here LINK or found on the Hydrographic Society website here


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