Capabilities and skills

Innovation, research & development

Helyx recognises innovation as the exploitation of ideas in order to implement a new or significantly improved product, service or process, and our Innovation Services are offered as a key enabler of innovation to the UK Defence and Security environment.

A culture of innovation is engrained within our business.  This underlying ethos, supports our core information management, information exploitation (IM/IX) and geospatial solutions and services and our Defence research and development (R&D) initiatives.  It provides a unique capability to increase the ‘value’ we offer to our customers – for example, by helping them to reduce costs or increasing their ability to react quickly to deliver an operational edge through technological advantage.

Interoperability & standards

Our extensive practical knowledge of information and geospatial standards ensures that our solutions are fully compliant and optimised for interoperability with other systems and services.

We offer a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and pitfalls of the application, evolution and maintenance of standards and profiles, and can provide informed advice to clients on standards selection and policies.

Capability management

We assist our customers through all stages of capability development, with support for vision and strategy, business cases, requirements management, CONEMP, CONUSE, design, acceptance, training and support.

For each assignment, we work closely with stakeholders, tailoring our established in-house capability management process to ensure that all relevant aspects are addressed, including: impacts on business processes, staffing, training, support, information, interoperability, infrastructure and finance, to name but a few aspects.

Technical solutions

Our technical solutions are always designed with our customer in mind and tailored to a particular situation, whether that be for use in an office, in the field, or on a deployed operation.

Our range of physical portable/deployable servers and containerised solutions always have both the end user in mind as well as the environment and enterprise they will be working within. We develop and deploy geospatial servers and analysis applications to make better and focused use of Information. Our Apps are tailored to specific user needs and for a range of operating systems and platforms. Our solutions are configured for rapid deployment and integration with existing systems, providing enhanced capability with low integration risk and training burdened.

Programme training

We specialise in the design and delivery of tailored context-based training solutions.  All our training solutions, whether for small projects or large-scale complex programmes, are designed and delivered to meet the end users unique requirements; and all adhere to the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT).

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