Context-based Training for the Defence and Security Sector

What We Do

Helyx specialises in the design and delivery of tailored context-based training solutions. All our training solutions, whether for small projects or large-scale complex programmes, are designed and delivered to meet the end users unique requirements; and all adhere to the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) including JSP822.

Putting the Customer at the heart of training provision

Industry widely recognises the benefits of contextbased training; confidence, effectiveness, ability and skill retention, are all enhanced when the training context and situational cues presented, are similar to those experienced in the operational environment.

Helyx training solutions ensure exposure to context-based and task-oriented scenarios, to promote knowledge, skill transfer and to enhance operational capability. We take a pan DLOD-view to tailor our training solutions for individual  and collective training requirements, ensuring individual needs and varying depths of knowledge are catered for.

Our training solutions are designed and delivered by approachable, highly qualified and experienced training consultants; all of whom have extensive first-hand experience, from a broad range of defence, security, commercial and academic backgrounds.

Our comprehensive training services Helyx training services can be provided as individual components, or in their entirety as part of an end-to-end solution for large-scale and complex programmes.

Our services include:

• Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
• Training Design and Development
• Training Delivery
• Training Evaluation

Tailored delivery methods to suit your requirements

We tailor our delivery approach to ensure the most beneficial training method for both individual and collective training, including:
• Computer Based Training (CBT)
• Train the Trainer (TTT)
• Instructor Led Training (ILT)
• On the Job Training (OJT)
We can deliver training at a location convenient to you, whether that be at your offices or deployed in the field.

Our structured and collaborative approach to training

Helyx uses a systematic approach to training, which is fully compliant with DSAT. This approach enables the development and implementation of a strategy, to address capability gaps between your current training provision and that needed for a new, or changed, business process or system. Our team will work with you to fully understand your requirements; giving full consideration to operating procedures, equipment, datasets and workflows. Working in collaboration with all programme stakeholders we provide a coherent co-ordinated training service which is tailored to your business and user needs. We have significant experience of working in partnership with Defence customers and Prime Systems Integrators, from small to large-scale training analysis, design and delivery programmes

Case Study

An Analytical and Instructor Led Training (ILT) Provision, for a UK Government Customer:

In partnership with a major training provider, Helyx provides bespoke, context-based geo-processing and spatial analysis training courses, for a major UK Government customer. Course content is delivered over a 4 day period, by our highly experienced instructors, all of whom have a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s mission and objectives. The training course includes a combination of classroom based lessons, demonstrations and practical exercises, tailored and designed to enhance our customer’s operational effectiveness.

A complete Training Solution for Deployable GIS Capability:

As part of a major Geographic Information System (GIS) capability upgrade programme, Helyx was selected to conduct a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Following completion of the TNA, a set of tailored training requirements was produced and utilised, to design and deliver two context-based and task-oriented training packages.

A blended Training Solution for a Large-Scale MOD Programme:

Selected as the training lead for a new UK MOD programme, Helyx conducted a wide-ranging Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to facilitate the design, development and delivery of a blended training solution. Our ongoing services employ an array of training delivery methods, including Computer Based Training (CBT), Instructor Led Training (ILT), Train the Trainer Training (TTT) and On the Job Training (OJT). Training is provided for a wide variety of cohorts, all with differing capabilities and requirements; to address this element, we have created a series of bespoke Computer Based Training (CBT) packages. The CBT packages are fully interactive and enable users to gain a better understanding of how they might be affected by specific system updates, and changes to previous processes and procedures. This method enhances user experience of how they use updated or new systems, in an operational context without affecting the live system.

• Helyx uses a systematic approach to training, fully compliant with the Defence System Approach to Training and SCORM for CBT.
• Our Training Needs Analysis (TNA) encompasses consideration of; Manpower, Training, Sustainability, Structures and Doctrine.
• On large scale programmes we work with Prime Systems Integrators, to share the challenges and risks associated with Defence and Government procurement.
• Our training solutions ensure the training audience is exposed to as many context based scenarios as possible, promoting knowledge and skill transfer, to enhance operational capability.

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