Helyx asked to comment in latest Niteworks publication

Niteworks provides a unique MOD/industry collaborative environment. MOD staff are encouraged to consider using Niteworks for military capability decision support, where complex problems exist which would benefit from wide-ranging, collaborative and impartial investigation.

Professor Vernon Gibson, MOD Chief Scientific Adviser wrote,…”I am delighted to introduce this third edition of Inform, as it looks to the particular subject of experimentation. As the MOD’s Chief Scientific Adviser I am acutely aware of the breadth of activities that defence is either actively or prepared to be engaged upon, and for which it needs a strong evidence base to make its decisions. The Niteworks partnership of MOD and industry, drawing a range of experts from across the MOD, Armed Forces, Dstl and our Industry members, is a clear tool helping defence make decisions on complex issues. I am committed to increasing the adoption of Evidence-Based Decision Making in the Department, and the Niteworks approach, by bringing scientists, military users together with industry colleagues, is setting a fine example to the rest of defence.”

An Associate’s View of Niteworks There are currently more than 150 members within the Niteworks partnership, many of which are small to medium enterprises. For this issue, Karl West, Head of Business Development at Helyx Secure Information Systems Ltd, spoke about his company’s involvement in Niteworks.

The edition of Inform can be downloaded here:


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