Helyx assists Malaysian Armed Forces to deploy next generation mobile GIS capability for the first time

teamIn May 2012, UK – specialist geospatial consultancy Helyx SIS Ltd (A Sister company of ESRI UK) working in conjunction with ESRI Malaysia provided vital support to the Bahagian GeoSpatial Pertehanan, the organisation that provides geospatial support and services to the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Helyx have been working with ESRI Malaysia and BGSP since late 2009 on the MAF’s ‘uGEO for Defence’ programme, which aims to create a unified geo capability across Malaysian defence. The Geo-Spatial Mobile System (GSMS) vehicles are the first deployable Geo solution that the MAF (Malaysian Armed Forces) have bought and this marked the successfully completed first trial deployment of their new GSMS. In the early morning of the 9th of May 2012 they deployed on Exercise PERKASA WAJA starting with a 250Km road move from Kuala Lumpur to Taiping. Accompanying the military personal on the exercise were staff from Helyx and ESRI Malaysia personnel. The aim of the exercise was to confirm that the BGSP is manned, trained and equipped to support a single MAF deployment with a mobile GIS capability. Helyx and ESRI have been helping to develop a number of modules that will standardise and streamline various GeoSpatial analysis tasks.

These modules range from the production of viewsheds (intervisibility between points) to cross-country mobility corridors. The aim is save time and standardise the approach to these routine analytics, enabling them to ensure best practice and to make the most of its limited resources. Helyx provided the assistance in ensuring that the training they did internally on exercises and barracks was given a realistic Operational Scenario in order to make the training as “Real” as possible. Helyx also gave technical assistance on Production and presentation of products and how to relate them to the ground and the mission scenarios. Exercise PERKASA WAJA highlighted the flexibility of the GSMS capability enabled by ESRI technology.

It provided an ideal environment in which to prove procedures and practices to ensure the GSMS are ready for deployed GIS support. They now have a proven capability to deploy support vehicles to separate locations which provides the BGSP with the ability to provide integral support to multiple units conducting different missions simultaneously. Col Dr Zambri (The Commanding Officer of BGSP) said “I’m glad to be fortunate to have had support from Helyx during the exercise. You have absolutely contributed to the outcome of the exercise. By contributing such field experiences in injecting the scenario, I believe my staffs should have now been able to open up their mind and more flexible to fulfil the user requirement” The mobile deployable GIS capability is now fully operational and has subsequently deployed on divisional level exercises.


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