Helyx wins support contract for C4ISTAR Concepts and Solutions (CCS) Experiment

Military and security operations rely heavily on quick access to information and intelligence to underpin situational awareness, threat assessment and decision making. Without this information, known in the military as ISTAR, the commanders’ ability to take decisions with an acceptable level of confidence is reduced.

The C4ISTAR Concepts and Solutions (CCS) programme is driving the next generation of ISTAR developments. This is achieved by applying the best science and technology to demonstrate cost-effective system solutions that will significantly improve the information and intelligence available to UK Armed Forces. This might be through developing new technologies or by other

Helyx has been chosen to support the Geo aspects of the Every Soldier a Sensor (ESAS) experiment scheduled to take place in June 2013. ESAS relates to the integration of advanced sensing, processing and communications capabilities for the Dismounted Soldier aiming to provide the means of detecting, tracking, recognising and identifying threats, hazards and targets. Amongst other aspects Helyx will provide a Geo configured server and tailored Geo related widgets and applications.

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