How does your company organise, deploy and sustain its SQEP?

Helyx personnel are organised into three core Practices, representing capabilities across Technical Services, Information Management and Information Exploitation, and Consultancy Services. Individuals within each Practice are further sub-divided into streams covering specific skills or disciplines. Practice Leads have responsibility for the operational, line and technical  management  of  their  respective  staff,  and  are  the  ‘go  to’  trusted  advisor     to customers, with overarching responsibility to maintain its Suitably Qualified  &  Experienced Personnel. Task delivery is the responsibility of Domain Leads, whom are ultimately accountable for the  delivery  of  tasks utilising staff from the Practices to meet  their requirements.

A  senior  management  team  provides  the  necessary  management  and  direction  to    the Domains  and  Practices.  Principally,   we   recognise   and   practice  that   authority  and responsibility are closely related and, as such, proper authority is appropriately delegated to key personnel to allow them to meet their responsibilities.

Selection of the correct personnel to fill key roles is concerned with  recruiting  and  deploying individuals with the necessary experience, skills, personal attributes,  qualifications,  knowledge  and  expertise  needed  to  do  their  jobs   effectively.   Our  senior management team is instrumental in defining job specifications pertinent to their  areas of responsibility, and for the recruitment of SQEP. This approach ensures that market sector trends and the likely future needs of our customers are fully considered, and that the Helyx Business Plan is implemented effectively.

Existing employees and new candidates are considered for key roles, and a range of methods are used to advertise and source individuals.  This  includes  working  in  partnership with specialist recruitment agencies, making best use of effective networking  and, for example, using advertisements or campaigns. Typically, as part of the selection process, an initial review of CVs is conducted to establish a match between the job criteria and the individuals’ competencies and experience, followed by an online aptitude test. A two-stage interview process assesses suitability. Appointment is conditional upon  satisfactory   character references, security vetting and a 6 month probationary period.

The performance of SQEP is directly managed and monitored by a designated task lead, with regular governance reviews throughout the life of each  task.  To  assist, mechanisms are in place to facilitate customer feedback, which considers accolades, complaints and comments. Other associated activities that feed into this management include:

  • Measurement of customer perception by eliciting, monitoring and using pertinent information.
  • Validation of the extent to which customer requirements are being
  • Internal audits establish conformity to the ISO 9001:2008

To facilitate the maintenance of company SQEP, a company-wide skills matrix is used to aid key staff with the management of training and qualifications. In particular, training objectives are set and reviewed as part of the appraisal process, and on the completion of training and the award of qualifications, a  record  of  attendance  is  completed  and  the skills  matrix is updated. Helyx is committed to providing all staff with at least 5 days of formal training per year, with all mid-to-lower grades allocated a further 5 days per year for personal development training. This approach ensures that the training and qualification requirements are managed effectively in order to maintain company SQEP.

Selection of the right mix of personnel for support work is achieved through informed consultation between Practice Leads, who line-manage the resources and are accountable for the effective selection of personnel to be deployed, and Domain Heads, who are responsible for  the effective delivery of tasks.  To inform their selection, reference is made  to the company skills matrix and consideration given to individual training records, performance  management reviews and all relevant feedback.

Importantly, a number of approaches have been implemented to ensure our capability throughout the life of the Framework. Regarding qualifications, all staff receive time and funding to pursue, for example: chartered status and professional certification; part-time higher education courses; or specific short-courses. Annual appraisals and feedback, coaching and mentoring are also used as development techniques to enhance the skills, knowledge and performance of employees for specific skills and goals. This approach, when combined with employing individuals on a varied range of tasks, ensures that we sustain and develop relevant sector experience and thus maintain continued capability.

Our approach to ensuring that individuals maintain currency with safety and engineering technologies, principles, techniques and tools is underpinned by our approach to sustaining and developing qualifications and experience as described above. This approach is complemented by undertaking Research and Development work, both internally and externally funded. Additional training and personal development time and funds are also used to target specific areas of need. This includes, for example, training on safety, legislation and associated processes.

To facilitate learning from experience (LFE), Helyx employs individuals on a varied range of tasks (including role rotation), including peer organised skilled oriented employment. This approach is complemented by a formal appraisal process, coaching and mentoring. We also run regular company-wide events for individuals to share their experiences and to provide an opportunity to learn from each other and to consider and implement better ways of working. Occasionally, external guest speakers are also invited to participate. Moreover, Helyx fosters a culture and environment where individuals have the opportunity for improvement and advancement and where authority is delegated, so people are empowered, accept responsibility, and can identify opportunities for improvement.

Helyx Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel are:
  • Professionally and/or academically qualified
  • Have relevant experience
  • Registered in their area of expertise with professional bodies
  • Are involved in Company initiatives for continuous development.


Helyx ensures that it organises, deploys and sustains its SQEP in a variety of ways including:
  • Targeted recruitment
  • Peer organised skill orientated deployment
  • Performance appraisal and feedback
  • Professional development time allocation
  • Company support for membership and accreditation
  • Training provision
  • Role rotation
  • Hands on experience/mentoring
  • Support to extracurricular activity.

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