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If your organisation works in the field and collects, analyses or makes use of geo-spatial data you’ll be interested in the Helyx portable Geospatial Information System server. Originally designed for the British military our portable GIS server provides a full GIS solution in an ultra-ruggedised portable server that simply integrates into your existing network to provide every authorised user with a full range of GIS tools and services. On top of our standard build your portable GIS server can be configured for your specific needs including the most appropriate mapping, imagery and data for your task. With up to 5 TB of raw storage and integrated Esri services the portable GIS server delivers server performance in a laptop sized footprint. Helyx can enable the portable GIS server to connect and interact with devices such as tablets, smart phones, cameras, sensors and survey equipment and build bespoke Apps to provide the most efficient possible workflow for your deployed staff to collect, analyse and use geo-spatial data. The portable GIS server can be integrated with personal locator beacons, vehicle trackers, CCTV, asset trackers, perimeter and entry systems to keep track of your personnel, facilities and assets. The portable GIS server is the perfect platform for the development of a range of emergency, evacuation, disaster recovery and continuity plans which can easily be shared and updated. In addition Helyx can provide a range of information services such as terrorism incidents, meteorology and news to provide you and your staff with the best possible picture of the environment they are operating in. Before you deploy Helyx can provide analysts to undertake a wide range of Geo Intelligence and survey activities to support risk management and begin the data capture and analysis for your task. Using commercially available, open source and client data including LIDAR, RADAR, Electro-Optical and Infrared imagery we might be able to save you the cost of having to deploy at all, or at least reduce the number of deployed man-days. Our analysts can also help with the planning of facilities, logistics and operations so your organisation can make most efficient use of assets and resources, saving you and your clients money. Helyx can provide technical support, training and ongoing analytical services from our UK base and subject to our own risk assessment in the field. We like to work in partnership with our customers and work hard to understand their business objectives, needs and constraints so we can deliver the best possible return on investment. We’d be delighted to answer any of your questions so please do give us a call on 01684 273725 or email us on enquiries@helyx.co.uk

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