The Importance of Standards for System of Systems Integration

Systems of Systems Integration can only work if data standards are agreed and implemented. Helyx help ensure that geospatial data can be shared and exploited across defence and security systems.

For military personnel who in their civilian lives have become accustomed to retrieving data from their phones, TVs, watches and other devices there is nothing more frustrating than having to manually re-enter or cross reference data from one military system to another. Why doesn’t it just all work?

Because much of the civilian technology we have come to take for granted is ‘free’ or low cost it is assumed by most users that the integration of systems is easy. With increasing complexity, innovation and the requirement to integrate with legacy ‘stove-pipe’ and external systems data integration and interoperability can cause major headaches for those responsible for capability development.

The cornerstone of effective Systems of Systems Integration is the agreement and implementation of common standards. This in itself is not a simple task especially when users want to get data from outside their own organisation.

Helyx SIS have unparalleled expertise in the management of geospatial data standards and have been providing vital consultancy, services and solutions to the defence and security sector for the last ten years. For many of Helyx’s customers the company provides the critical knowledge and expertise continuity for legacy systems and major programmes as Helyx now employs a significant number of former servicemen and project managers who instigated, designed and delivered major geospatial capability programmes.

Geospatial data has always been of great importance to defence and security operations and there is increasing user and budget holder desire to have the latest innovations available as commercial off-the-shelf solutions. For anyone involved in the procurement of such systems or the development of new capabilities engaging Helyx early on to advise on the integration of geospatial data may avoid user disappointment or expensive headaches later on.

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