What we do

Enabling Decision Making in Demanding Environments

Helyx is a professional services company, specialising in Geospatial Science and Technology, and Information Management, Exploitation, and Assurance.

We provide access to a wealth of expertise, to facilitate informed decision making.

Our services and capabilities encompass Geospatial Systems and Engineering Support, Geospatial Analysis and Data Science, Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence, Edge Processing and Development, Tactical and Resilient Architectures, and Context-Based and Specialist Training.

We understand the importance and context of our customers’ requirements.  Together with our experience, our culture of innovation, our technical expertise and our deep knowledge of the industries and the environment our customers work within, we are able to offer uncompromising solutions and an outstanding service.


Geospatial Systems & Engineering Support
Geospatial Analysis & Data Science

Remote Sensing & Artificial Intelligence

Edge Processing & Development
Tactical & Resilient Architectures
Context-Based & Specialist Training
Geospatial Systems & ENGINEERING SUPPORT


Our flexible approach to delivery of systems, combined with our ‘secure by design’ approach, enables us to design and deliver information and geospatial systems to meet our customers’ exacting requirements. 

We can design, integrate, manage and support complex systems, over the complete systems engineering lifecycle.


Our Geospatial Analysis & Data Science capabilities encompass multiple fields, including statistics, mathematics, scientific methods, Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, covering the whole data lifecycle; from creation or acquisition, to maintenance, assurance, exploitation, export/sharing and finally, archiving.

We can combine our Analysis and Data Science expertise from across multiple fields and disciplines, in order to extract real value from your data.


Our remote sensing specialists, data scientists and software developers, apply the latest artificial intelligence techniques to our remote sensing capabilities.

We enable the automatic extraction of information from satellite-based imagery, detecting objects of interest and creating synthetic data sets.

We can support your data gathering, analysis and decision-making capabilities, using AI technology that can be ‘trained’ to ‘learn’ from the environment in which it operates.


Edge Processing & Development
Our software development professionals have experience in designing, building and testing software, specifically for use on edge devices.  We operate our own drone capability, with commercially trained drone operators to test novel capabilities in flight.  We have the expertise to create software with the right balance of functionality and efficiency, ensuring optimal results.
Our Edge Processing Development encompasses Agile development, architectural design, modular component design and development, application wrapper development, trial and evaluation through test cases, and ground based and flight trial testing.
Tactical & Resilient Architectures

Denied, Degraded, Intermittent and Low bandwidth (DDIL) environments have become commonplace in the tactical environment. Many software products assume constant internet connectivity, which can challenge both military ways of working and secure environments. 

Helyx has a number of deployable on-site specialists, to ensure the smooth deployment of new capabilities, aligning to the evolving needs our customers and ensuring continued access to reliable systems.
Context Based & Specialist Training
Helyx provide training solutions to ensure exposure to context-based and task-oriented scenarios, promoting knowledge, skill transfer and enhancing operational capability.  We take a pan-Defence Lines of Development (DLOD) view, to tailor our training solutions for individual and collective training requirements, ensuring individual needs and varying depths of knowledge are catered for.
Our training solutions are designed and delivered by approachable, highly qualified and experienced training consultants, all of whom have extensive first-hand experience, from a broad range of defence, security, commercial and academic backgrounds.  We offer a variety of training methods, including computer-based training, train the trainer, instructor led training and on the job training.