What we do

Enabling Decision Making in Demanding Environments

Helyx is a professional services company, specialising in the provision of information management, exploitation, assurance, and geospatial information systems solutions and services.

We provide access to a wealth of expertise, to facilitate informed decision making.

Our range of services encompass technical consultancy services and solutions, data analytics, training design, development and delivery, to name but a few, and we are at the forefront of a number of innovative research and development programmes.

We understand the importance and context of our customers’ requirements.  Together with our experience, our culture of innovation, our technical expertise and our deep knowledge of the industries and the environment our customers work within, we are able to offer uncompromising solutions and an outstanding service.

our core capabilities

Geospatial enabled solutions & Services
Specialist Technical Support & Consultancy

IT Service Management & Delivery

Specialist Training
Scientific & Technical Research & Innovation

Our Specialisms

Geospatial Information Systems & Services

Our GIS and Remote Sensing services can assist in identifying new relationships and patterns, which might not be apparent with other means of analysis.

We understand the power of location and geospatial analysis to unlock your data and to expose trends.

Data Centric Security

Our data-centric security approach focuses on the data and the user, and not just the environments in which the data is stored (such as networks, devices, or software).

We can provide you with powerful data-centric security controls, in addition to any existing network-centric controls.


Our approach to DevSecOps is security first (SecDevOps). We ensure the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle; from the initial design, through to integration, testing, deployment and software delivery.

We ensure your services can be delivered at agile speed, without compromising on application security.

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering approach is always in consideration of the ‘big picture’.  We analyse a system based on a broad cross-cutting view, to address complex and often technologically challenging problems, whilst ensuring the system design is right and operational goals are met.

We can design, integrate and manage complex systems, over the complete systems engineering lifecycle.

Software Engineering

Our multi-skilled team can undertake Software Engineering across the full spectrum of design, development and maintenance of specialist software.

We can combine our technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge, to produce outstanding and bespoke software solutions.

Data Science

Our Data Science capabilities encompass multiple fields, including statistics, mathematics, scientific methods, Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, covering the whole data lifecycle; from creation or acquisition, to maintenance, assurance, exploitation, export/sharing and finally, archiving.

We can combine our Data Science expertise from across multiple fields and disciplines, in order to extract real value from your data.

Research, Analysis & Decision Support

Our Research, Analysis & Decision Support services provide access to the models, methods, data and analytical tools required, to meet a broad scope of analysis and decision making requirements; including science and technology horizon scanning, technology watch and assessment.

We can provide access to expert research, analysis and decision support capability, to ensure your planning and investment decisions are based on robust evidence.

Information Collection, Management Dissemination & Exploitation

Our services ensure that information is acquired in the right manner and managed in a way that provides access to those who need it. We deliver the capability to exploit information efficiently and accurately, whilst providing secure and reliable methods of dissemination. 

We can help you to get the right information to the right people at the right time; supporting difficult decision making in demanding environments.

Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning & Deep Learning)

Our AI services (including Machine Learning and Deep Learning) utilise the fields of computing, combining algorithms and software to support or replace human intelligence.

We can support your data gathering, analysis and decision making capabilities, using AI technology that can be ‘trained’ to ‘learn’ from the environment in which it operates.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy & Design

Our Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Design services, provide the critical planning to ensure enterprise applications remain cost-effective today, whilst being scalable for the future.

We can build and secure technical architecture to meet your changing business needs, through our proven enterprise architecture strategy and design services.

Geospatial Intelligence

Building on our GIS and Remote Sensing capabilities, our GEOINT services provide actionable intelligence derived from the analysis, visualisation, exploitation and dissemination of geospatial and remotely sensed data.

We can harness the power of location and geospatial analysis to produce actionable intelligence from your data.